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People have many treasured family memories, such as when the children were young or Granny's birthday party, on old recording formats that they can no longer play. At ASRaudio we can transfer these recordings to a more modern format so that you can once again relive the memories.

Many of these recordings were made years ago and sometimes can be quite `hissy'. We will `clean up' the recordings as much as possible without altering the tone of the voice, as we understand that you want to hear people as you remember them.

However our customers have different needs so please do get in touch to discuss what you want from the transfers.

We can transfer the following formats:

• Reel to reel tapes (¼inch), Cassettes, Micro cassettes, DATs, Shellac discs, Instantaneous (Lacquer, Acetate, Direct-Cut) discs, Aluminium and copper discs, Vinyl discs, Minidiscs, HiMD, Other (Please ask).

The copies are generally made on CD (.cda) and will play on CD players and computers alike. This means that you can also transfer them via your computer to other formats and devices if required, but if you need the transfers in another format do ask.


£17.50 per completed hour of transfer (or part of).
£2.00 each for additional copies.
(Prices include p&p for the CD's. However, if you want the master recordings returning, the cost of the p&p for the masters will be charged).

When sending recordings do remember to include your contact details.

We often receive recordings which should contain certain material but have been recorded over with music etc. If we discover that this is the case then a charge of £5.00 will be levied.

We also offer services to museums libraries, archives, businesses etc.


Whilst every care is taken with your recordings because they are irreplaceable we cannot obtain insurance to cover any loss or damage in transit. Therefore all recordings are sent at the owner's own risk and we cannot accept responsibility for any recordings which have been damaged or lost in transit.

Please note that we cannot copy music unless you are the copyright owner, or have the permission of the copyright owner

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